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The New TBC009 Updates do not permit withdrawal of your money.

Where can I exchange my TBC funds?


You may swap your TBC monies to the internal Bitcoin Lightning Wallet mechanism that has been incorporated within your tbc009exchange account dashboard. You may quickly send your swapped bitcoins to any bitcoin wallet, such as BitPay Blockchain, from your Bitcoin Lightning Wallet. CoinPH Binance Coinbase Pacey Abra Xapo, LocalBitcoin, etc.

What are the benefits of the tbc009 program?


Benefits: The TBC009 wallet allows you unlimited spending with the one restriction that you must call the Commissioner if your daily spending total surpasses $1,000 in order to demonstrate to the Commissioner that the transaction was legitimate and not fraudulent. No matter what tier the referral is on, you can still receive the full 50% in Bitcoin Bounties.



What is targettbc9?


The goal of TBC9 is to create a global distributed smart value network based on blockchain technology that will offer dependable, secure, user-friendly, and affordable value transfer services. This network will also find widespread adoption in a variety of vertical markets, including finance, healthcare, supply chain, gaming, and others. They have the backing of the global ruling coalition.

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