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What is XPO connect?

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A revolutionary platform for transportation technology called XPO Connect empowers shippers and carriers to use an integrated platform that is suitable for any method of transportation to make educated decisions.

Why choose XPO Logistics?

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enormous capacity advanced technologies. At XPO Logistics, we employ cutting-edge technology to expand shippers’ capacity and beat competitors. With one of the largest networks of drivers, vehicles, and terminals in the business, as well as end-to-end digital visibility, this longtime LTL leader in regional, national, and cross-border freight services

How do I contact XPO after Hurricane Dorian?

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Please visit XPO Cares if you are an employee in need of money following Hurricane Dorian. Please call XPO People Services at 1-844-976-6947 if you have any questions or concerns concerning bereavement financial management or mental health issues, or stop by our Employee Assistance Program.

What benefits does XPO Logistics offer?

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Benefits of XPO Logistics/p>ul>li>
All Employees, Contract Workers, Freelancers, Interns, Part-Time Workers, Full-Time Workers, and Interns
Independent Contractor/li>li>Temporary/li>/ul>/div>

How much does XPO Logistics pay in Texas?

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What is the wage rate at XPO Logistics in Texas? The hourly compensation at XPO Logistics ranges from about $11.91 for a warehouse worker to $40.84 for a packager. For Material Handlers at XPO Logistics, the average yearly pay is about $23,280; for Mail Carriers, it is over $150,000.

How much do XPO Logistics management jobs pay?

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From around $34 851 per year for Senior Consultant to $250 000 per year for Vice President, the typical XPO Logistics compensation ranges. Shift Leaders at XPO Logistics typically make $11.99 per hour, while Freight Managers make an average of $33.86 per hour.

Does XPO Logistics take urine test?

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When you are employed, you should be prepared to submit to a urine test. Before applying for a job, you may also get in touch with your neighborhood XPO Logistics to learn more about their drug testing policy. If you already work for a company, keep in mind that they have the right to conduct random drug testing. You can be asked to submit to a drug test if you act or appear suspicious.

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