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Workday.aspx is available at:
Employee resources and the state of Oregon


Program vision: to maintain a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that provides users with complete functionality and meaningful reporting in order to satisfy their business demands.
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Daily Help Desk
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  • wd-training-spe.aspx (
    Specific Roles Guidelines
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    Overview of Workday Training /a> /h3> /p> /li> /li>
    A link to “wd-training-sup.aspx” may be found at “”
    Supervising Manager Training
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    Basis-Setting Documents


    Additional articles from


    • A link to “New Hire” may be found at “”
      the Oregon Health Authority’s “New Hire Resource Center”
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      Reserve A Vehicle | Fleet and Parking | State of Oregon – Reserve A Vehi…
    • Veterans.aspx, at
      Oregon Job Opportunities – Veterans | State of Oregon
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