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Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior’s home page


Additional Departments
Cyber- and electronic-crime
Department of Juvenile Protection, Anti-Drug, and Human Trafficking
Correctional FacilitiesSecurity Media Department
Security Systems Training Department
A national…
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Home current/a>/h3>p>/li>li>a href=””>/a>/li>a>/li>a>/li>a>/li>
/a>/h3>p>/li>li>Related Departments/a>/h3>p>/li>li>a href=””>Cyber Crime/a>/h3>p>/li>li>
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  • Strategy may be found at
    Strategy /a /h3 /p /li /ul /h3 /
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    News Archive/a>/h3>p>/li>li>a href=”″>/a>/li>li>a>
    Your Thoughts/a>/h3>p>/li>li>
    A link to this page:
    Gen. Dept. of Traffic/a>/h3>div>a href=””>Services.
    معاملات المرور
    A link to locations may be found at
    مواقع الإدارة
    The following URL: /a> a href=””>
    a href=”″>/a>/div> /li>li>a>
    General Department of Nationality & P…
  • A link to dwelling may be found at
    General Department of Residency


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    • Visit Eres.Moi.Gov.Kw/Companies?Culture=English for more information.
      Ministry of Interior of Kuwait | Home Page
    • A link to this page may be found at
      General Department of Civil Defence – Ministry of Interior – Kuwait/a>/li>li>a href=””>/a>/li>li>a href=”
      Volunteer Civil Defense – Kuwaiti Interior Ministry
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