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Apa itu Melia sehat sejahtera?


PT Melia Sehat Sejahtera is a Multilevel Marketing company that has operated in Indonesia since 2003 using a binary trading system that is the oldest in Asia and the second-oldest in the world.

Berapa biaya pendaftaran Melia sehat sejahtera?


To receive a bonus or commission for joining PT. Melia Sehat Sejahtera, please visit the marketing plan page here. We will send out SMS with the price (Biaya Pendaftaran + Harga Paket) and the account number (Biaya Pendaftaran Rp. 125.000 just once each day of normal life without any iuran-iuran perpanjangan kartu / keanggotaan).

Apa itu bisnis Melia sehat sejahtera?


The Melia Sehat Sejahtera Business is a Positive Community and Group Leadership Business that may coach you till you achieve a goal that has been met with everyone’s commitment and integrity. In this business, you cannot work alone.

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