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Campaign Finance may be found at
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Campaign Reporting Information System for Maryland


Campaign Finance Maryland’s website may be found at Home/Disclosures.
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Disclosures/a>/h3>div>a href=””>Disclosures/a>/h3>div>a>/div>a>a>/a
a href=””>View Committees/a>
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Additional information from ul>li>a href=””> /ul> Register Committees – Campaign Reporting Information System for Maryland a href=””> Campaign Reporting Information for Maryland Candidates – Candidate Committe…
Check out more/a>/div>

Where can I get training in using MD Cris?

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Training Seminars for MD CRIS You will learn how to use MD CRIS to enter donations, track expenditures, and complete a campaign finance report during this course. For further information or to RSVP, call the Candidacy and Campaign Finance Division at 410-269-2880. There will be further training throughout the year. Elections State Board 151 West Street Suite 200

How do I submit a report to MD Cris?

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You will receive an email confirming the submission of the report. Reports can be immediately typed into our MD CRIS online filing system or, assuming they comply with the file format specifications, they can be submitted as Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets into MD CRIS. For details on the required file formats, see the section below.

How do I log in to Cris?

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entering the CRIS. The candidate chair and treasurer will each get an email from with a temporary password so they may log into CRIS when your political committee registration and approval has been completed.

How do I contact the Office of credentialing services for Cris?

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You will get email notification regarding CRIS Training if you have a credential as a prescriber (MD DO NP CRNA PA) from the Office of Credentialing Services. Call the Office of Credentialing Services at (301) 496-5937 with any inquiries.

Where can I get additional training in using mdcris?

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There will be further training throughout the year. The State Board of Elections is located at 151 West Street, Suite 200, in Annapolis, Maryland. To be determined dates Note:If you plan to bring a laptop, we do have a wireless internet connection. YouTube has videos showing how to file and utilize MD CRIS. MDCRIS Introduction Video

How do I get access to Cris training?

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Observation: If you hold a Prescriber certificate (MD DO NP CRNA PA) from the Office of Credentialing Services Email notice will be sent to you regarding CRIS training. Call the Office of Credentialing Services at (301) 496-5937 with any inquiries. You must enrol and complete ROLE-BASED CRIS training in order to access CRIS.

What is Cris CE program?

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To make it considerably simpler for insurance agents, brokers, CSRs, in-house risk managers, or insurance purchasers to acquire specialized competence in construction insurance and risk management, IRMI designed the Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS) continuing education (CE) program.

Why get a Cris certification?

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You may demonstrate to experts in construction and insurance that you are knowledgeable about the intricate insurance requirements for builders by putting the CRIS certification after your name. Retail insurance agents and brokers will enhance sales to construction clients by leveraging their increasing experience, confidence, and reputation.

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