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What is a first digital payment?

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The quickest, safest, and most cheap way to send and receive money is through a first digital payment. We maintain the security of your financial information regardless of where you shop or conduct payment activities.

How do I pay my first access card online?

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To view the information of your First Access Card account and to make payments to your account, click the link below. Use an electronic bill payment to settle your account for faster money availability. Using the online bill payment tool offered by your bank, send a payment electronically from your bank account. Understanding Online Bill Payment

Where can I Find my First Access card details?

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The Bank of Missouri issues the First Access Visa Card under a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. for use at gas stations for gambling transactions or at retailers outside of the United States. To view the information of your First Access Card account and to make payments to your account, click the link below.

Why choose firstdigital?

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FirstDigital is a respected partner and telecommunications company. “They learnt about our company and how we operate our phone system to maximize its effectiveness for our business strategy. One of our finest technological choices has ever been FirstDigital.

What is a digital payment?

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To conduct a financial transaction without visiting a bank, utilize digital payment, an offline or online payment option. In essence, you are making a digital payment if you do not visit a bank, do not work with a bank employee to accomplish a specific financial transaction, and do not fulfill any paper orders to execute a transaction (DP).

What was the first online payment system?

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Millicent and Ecash, which were established in 1995 and 1996, respectively, were initially the two biggest companies in the market for electronic payments. The majority of the earliest internet businesses made use of micropayment systems, and they all made an effort to offer alternatives to electronic currency (like e-money tokens or digital cash).

What are the most popular digital payment methods?

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Bank cards, mobile and internet banking, UPI, mobile wallets, and other common digital payment methods are included below. Digital payment services are available to you 24/7/365. Numerous new payment options have been made possible by the rise in smartphone and internet usage.

Are digital money transfers the way of the future?

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In light of this, many individuals and businesses may decide to use digital money transfers in the future. Not to add, according to a poll, 56% of shops accept mobile payments made with digital wallets. More customers may expect to use mobile payment service applications to pay for their purchases if the trend toward digital payments persists.

How do I apply for the first access credit card?

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Instructions on how to register and pay for initial access cards

  • Use a browser to access Myccpay or go directly to the website.
  • Enter your Myccpay credentials.
  • Click on the “Pay Fee” link in the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Fill out the mandatory boxes with your Registered and Unique application ID and DOB (Date of Birth). Next, press the “Submit” button.
  • Pay the amount of your yearly credible charge.

Can my customers pay online using a credit card?

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Giving your consumers the option to pay online with a credit card, regardless of the sort of business you run, gives them additional convenience and may increase sales. Without it, internet retailers, restaurants that take online orders, and providers of digital services would be unable to operate.

How can I access my prepaid MasterCard online?


Simply input your Prepaid Mastercard information like you would with any other card at any checkout that accepts Mastercard to use it online. It truly is that easy, and using credit cards from a company is safer.

Can I pay my credit card online?


Yes, you may set up automatic payments using your credit card to pay bills for subscription services or anywhere else that requests scheduled or automated payments. What Is an Online Payment Virtual Credit Card Number?

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