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Register as a member A savings club called DirectBuy promises its members the lowest prices on thousands of items from major manufacturers for your house and way of life. Join us right now!


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A link to collections may be found at Shop A link to “all departments” at “” a href=””>Departments/a> a href=””>Our Services/a> Support h3>a href=””>/div> /li>li>/a>/div> Products/a>/h3>div>a href=”″>Products/a>/h3>div>a>a>/div>a>a> a href=”″>Home Improvement/a> Appliances/555 may be found at a href=””>furniture. Appliances/a>/div> /li>li>/a>h3 >a href=””>Appliances/a>/div> /li>li>/a> Contact Us a href=””>/a>/h3>p>/li>li>/a>h3 > a href=””>Membership Pricing/a>/h3>p>/li>/a>h3 >a>a>/a>/h3>p>/li>/a>/a>h3 >a About Membership/a>/h3>p>/li>/ul>ul>a href=”” >/a>h3 >a href=”” >/a>h3 >a href=”” > Travel/a>/h3>p>/li>/a>/h3 >a href=””>/a>/h3 > About Us — (/a> — (/h3> — div>) — (/a> — (/h3> — (/div>) — (/h3> — (/a> — (/h3>) — (/a> a href=””>Reviews/a> a href=””>My DirectBuy/a> Our Guarantees/a>/div>/li>li>/a>h3 >a href=””>a design service/a> Design Services a href=””>/a>/h3>p>/li>/a>li>/a>h3 >a>/a>/h3>p>/li>/a>li>/a Appointment Center /a> /h3> /p> div> /div> div> /div> div> a title= “DirectBuy Launches Specials at U.S. Showroom Shop at 26842 Interst Street ” href= “div>li>a title=”DirectBuy Opens U.S. Showroom With Specials”>”>/a>/div> In order to assist those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in getting back into their homes, the store at 26842 Interstate 45 North opened three months sooner than expected. DirectBuy creates a US showroom with promotions to aid in the recovery from Hurricane Harvey “> DirectBuy Launches Specials at U.S. Showroom Shop at 26842 Interst Street
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