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Digital Showroom: Web Console

The desktop web app for the mobile app, Digital Showshroom, is called Digital Show Web Console.
Download SHOWROOM for free live streaming via MEmu on your computer.
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Virtual Showrooms: Interactive 3D Content Services for Augmented Reality Applications
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DOTPE PRIVATE LIMITED – Contact information for the company’s directors

What is digitalshowroom and how does it work?

With the help of DigitalShowroom, you can easily get samples from suppliers with the features and quantities you want. Suppliers may present their items to their clients using the Digital Showroom function. You may share tens of thousands of goods with your consumers in your virtual showrooms with DigitalShowroom.

How can Max Digital showroom help your sales team?

With MAX Digital Showroom, your sales team has access to all the information. Simply scan and share: The flow of information follows your customer interactions wherever they go, whether you’re on the showroom floor or out for a test drive. When the information is in their hands, create engaging dialogues and boost the confidence of your sales staff.

How do you improve customer engagement on showrooms?

Whether you’re in a test drive or on the showroom floor, the flow of information follows your contacts with customers wherever they go. When the specifics are in their hands, create amazing dialogues and sales team confidence. Make a cooperative guided experience where customers’ inquiries are addressed.

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