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What is the brilliant distinctions program?


Brilliant Distinctions is a rewards program that Beauty Within is happy to provide. You may accrue points as a member of this reward club by buying certain Allergan products including Botox, Juvederm, BelkyraTM, and Latisse. You can save money on future purchases thanks to the points you earn.

purchases. How Do I Sign Up?

How do I redeem my brilliant distinctions points?

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When you have at least 100 Brilliant Distinctions points, you may use them at LovelySkin to purchase any SkinMedica product. Rewards only apply to SkinMedica items; they cannot be used to pay for shipping or taxes.


What distinguishes outstanding differences from all rewards?


Unlike Brilliant Distinctions, All Rewards only has one status tier, however after accumulating 1200 points, you can reach A-List member level, which is comparable to Diamond Status in Brilliant Distinctions. Points from All Rewards ever expire? Rewards from Brilliant Distinctions stopped being valid nine months after you last earned them.

Does lovelyskin offer brilliant distinctions?

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Brilliant Distinctions is a service that LovelySkin provides to its clients. Allergan Pharmaceuticals owns and runs the third-party rewards program known as Brilliant Distinctions. Here are the terms and conditions for Brilliant Distinctions. Any transaction with Allergan SkinMedica or Brilliant Distinctions is not a liability of LovelySkin.

What is the brilliant distinctions rewards program?

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You earn points through the Brilliant Distinctions rewards program for using the Allergan portfolio’s treatments and products. You may use the points you earn to save money on Allergan purchases at your physician and other participating treatments. Every treatment or purchase entitles you to 100, 200, or 300 points or more!

What is the brilliant distinctions mall?

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You may gain points for every dollar spent at several stores in the Brilliant Distinctions Mall, including Michael’s, Fandango, Kohl’s, and Best Buy. You may get 100 points by downloading the Brilliant Distinctions smartphone app!

What is brilliant distinctions and how do I Register?

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What is Brilliant Distinctions and how can I register? The only program that gives you points to use toward immediate discounts on Latisse and items from Allergan is Brilliant Distinctions. Latisse SkinMedica and other related products are manufactured by Allergan Pharmaceutical, which also manages this initiative.

How do I contact the Allergan brilliant distinctions program?

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Please be aware that the entire Brilliant Distinctions Program is overseen by Allergan, the company that produces Latisse and SkinMedica. Therefore, we recommend getting in touch with Allergan directly if you have any general inquiries about the Brilliant Distinctions Program by calling 888-324-2745 or visiting their website.
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