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A link to Baystate Health may be found at:
Western Massachusetts Healthcare | Baystate Health


Baystate Health is a not-for-profit healthcare organization that operates 5 hospitals and provides excellent general care as well as specialist treatment for cancer, heart disease, mental problems, and other conditions.
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Licensed healthcare personnel
Patients may be found at
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Assistance Services
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Financial and Billing Assistance
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Information on Covid-19 is available at
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A link to the patient portal may be found at
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Additional articles from Noble Hospital’s address is Springfield, Massachusetts: Baystate Noble Hospital; Baystate Health
  • Testing is available at a href=””> Western Massachusetts Patients Can Take Covid-19 Testing Thanks to Baystate Health Primary care Westfield is located at /a>/li>li>a href=””>. Western Massachusetts | Baystate Health | Baystate Primary Care
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    Why work at Baystate Health?


    improving lives The most cutting-edge healthcare in western Massachusetts is offered at Baystate Health. To help you live the greatest life possible, we are here. Our distinguished teams consistently set higher standards for healthcare excellence. Discover more about Baystate Health’s job opportunities. Discover our dedication to addressing racism and intolerance.

    What s new in mybaystate?


    As a consequence, patients may get the information they require more quickly and with fewer clicks. with new tools and functionalities With the launch of MyBaystate, the former myBaystateHealth patient portal will be replaced by a resource that will support clients and guests at every stage of their journey.

    How do I connect mybaystate to other apps?


    Sync with Your Apps Connect your MyBaystate health record safely to other applications, such as Apple Health. Get the MyBaystate app now. Connect to your Baystate Health experience as a patient or visitor by using the MyBaystate app. Use the Baystate AppStore to download the software.

    How much does it cost to join Baystate Health?


    NOTE: The following application costs apply: $200 for one hospital; $300 for two hospitals. $400 for three hospitals and $500 for four hospitals. We can assist if you have a patient who needs to see a specialist at Baystate Health.

    How do I use the mybaystate app?


    To navigate your Baystate Health experience as a patient or visitor, use the MyBaystate app. You may manage your health information and contact with your physicians via a MyBaystate account. Without logging in, you may still access vital details about Baystate Health’s facilities and services.

    Why mybaystate for lab work?


    You may also control additional aspects of your experience with MyBaystate. (At 3300 Main Street Springfield, with other sites forthcoming.) Check in for lab testing and wait in your car.

    What is the Baystate Health Green tier for visitation?


    The green tier/zone for visiting Baystate Health hospitals, practices, and clinics has been reached. The policy is summarized as follows: At all BH hospitals, visitors are now welcome to visit inpatient units and emergency rooms. One visitor is now allowed in outpatient settings. For patients not in the ICU, just one visitor is permitted. 2 visitors for the ICU patients.

    What is the visit process like at Baystate Medical Center?


    Each visitor will have their temperature taken using a no-touch infrared thermometer, and they will also be questioned about their symptoms and exposure. Especially during peak visiting hours, visitors to Baystate Medical Center should allow more time for our upgraded check-in process (noon – 1 pm).

    Are there any Baystate hospitals in the Red tier?


    The red tier includes every hospital run by Baystate Health. Except for Hampshire County, where all practices are in the yellow tier, all practices are in the red tier. View the most recent hospital and county information. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed unless a specific exemption applies. What steps are taken throughout the visitor screening process?

    What is the entrance to Baystate Franklin Medical Center?


    Sanderson Street’s ground level entrance to the Baystate Franklin Medical Center just the entrances to the Main Lobby and Surgical Services. What time may visitors arrive? Everyday from 12pm until 8pm.

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